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Automotive Applications - robot guidance for glazing

Automotive Applications

Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology (OVST) is the specialist supplier of vision system for robot guidance and component inspection within the automotive manufacturing sector.

With ISO9001-2008 accreditation and customers including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Honda, Fiat, Scania, Iveco, Ferrari etc., you can be reassured that our technical ability and commitment to quality is second to none.

Millions of vehicles have been glazed using robot’s precisely guided by OVST’s vision systems.

Our Vision Systems can help you:

  • Reduce costs – thanks to greater process automation.
  • Improve process control – by verifying size, colour and shape; detecting sequencing errors; ensuring correctness of build; and improving quality throughout the production and assembly process.

We work closely with car manufacturers and system integrators, adopting a flexible approach and cooperating to solve problems. What’s more, wherever possible we’ll use common hardware and software so you can minimise your spares inventory and simplify training.

To find out how our automotive applications can fit your individual process requirements, please contact us today.

Panel pick & place

Fast, accurate visual guidance of robots handling panels in the press shop.

Automated panel verification to make sure the correct parts are being used, which prevents damage to tooling and eliminates expensive rework.

Framing robot guidance

Ensures the optimum fit between panels and sub-assemblies. This removes the need for heavy dedicated fixturing, allowing greater process flexibility.

Sealant inspection

Post application verification of sealant or adhesive, preventing water leaks, wind noise, reactions between dissimilar metals and ensuring mechanical strength.

Spot weld / Rivet detection

Verification of spot weld or rivet presence to ensure mechanical strength.

Door Fitting

Vision-based control of door position to ensure optimum gap width and flushness of fit.

Body-power train montage

Ensures the perfect alignment of engine and power train to vehicle body.

Trim style verification

Verifies that the correct colour and trim style are being used, and eliminates sequencing mistakes that could lead to expensive reworks.

Wheel fitting

Automates wheel alignment with stub axle and guidance of nut runner systems.

IP (instrument panel) and roof liner insertion

Optimises control of IP position and roof liners.

Door refitting

Reduces mechanical handling through vision-based refitting of doors.

Primer Detection & PU (polyurethane) bead inspection

Verifies that primer is present and monitors PU dimensions to make sure the glass is bonded safely to the vehicle.

Vehicle glazing

Gripper or gantry mounted vision in order to accurately guide glazing robots and to verify the fit before insertion (gap & flush)