McTracker – Laser seam tracking

Introducing welding robots into your production processes can greatly increase your manufacturing output, reduce cycle times and increase profit margins. Unfortunately, not all components are created equal. Tolerances in pre-fabrication processes and heat distortion during welding operations can lead to significant deviations between the programmed path and the real workpiece. It's time you smartened up your welding robot with the McTracker laser weld tracking system from OVST.

Utilising state-of-the-art laser displacement sensors and the user-friendly Universal Robot® programming platform, McTracker enables welding jobs to be taught using simple point-to-point programming where variances in the positioning and dimensioning of welding seam relative to the  Despite its native support for the Universal Robot®  platform McTracker can be easily integrated as part of any industrial robot welding installation.

Rugged, compact and mounted directly to the welding torch, our laser tracking sensors are compatible with all common welding joints (Butt joints, Lap joints, Corner joints and more) and welding processes (MIG, TIG, Spot etc.).


  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Intuitive display modes: 2D cross-section or 3D surface view.
  • Predefined profiles for all common weld types.
  • Easily integratable: Universal Robot® and IIoT compatible out of the box.


  • Weld seam tracking for guided robotic welding applications.
  • Post-welding bead inspection.
  • Dimensional inspection of weld seams and parts relative to defined specification.