Red and Blue Laser Sensors

OVST provides two types of laser-line sensors, Wenglor sensors and OVST sensors. These sensors are used for 3D surface profile measurement, laser seam tracking, sealant inspection and robot welding applications. Wenglor sensors use a blue laser while OVST sensors use a red laser. OVST can supply either sensor to best suit the specific application.

Both sensors operate with OVST’s McTracker software for robot welding guidance and laser seam tracking.  McTracker supports wide range of welding environments and our sensors are light weight, robust, and can attach to a welding torch easily. With the combination of McTracker and our laser-line sensors,  OVST provides  reliable and effective measurements for welding processes, with a simple interface for users to interact and modify to yield best results from the processes.

Measurement Modes

• OVST sensor: Red Laser - Good for measuring moving objects, using a high intensity stripe

• Wenglor sensor: Blue Laser - Good for reflective and shiny surfaces such as metals


  • Advanced Functionality
  • Easy to set up
  • Rugged Industrial Hardware
  • High Resolution
  • Compact and lightweight

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