GigE Camera

OVST GigE cameras are high quality, compact cameras that are ideal for many industrial machine-vision applications.  Our cameras use standard computer interfaces that make them easy to set up both in single and multi-camera use.

Our GigE cameras operate seamlessly with OVST’s McVision application which is OVST’s production line inspection system.  It provides a wide range of image-processing tools and allows easy set up with robot systems.  McVision can also integrate with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  These features mean that McVision, when using our GigE cameras, provides a turnkey machine vision solution that is easy to deploy and maintain without the need for machine vision expertise.


  • Easy to set up with no programming required
  • High data rates up to 100MB/s with maximum cable length up to 100 meters
  • Compatible with wide range interface communication: GigE, USB 3.0 and Camera Link
  • Support PoE cable
  • Competitive price

The combine of OVST GigE cameras and McVision software can be used for the following applications

  • 2D Inspection system
  • 2D Robot guidance system 
  • 2D Assembly checks
  • 2D Measurement

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