Glazer Robot Guidance System

The Glazer robot guidance system is the high precision for measuring and guiding the robot with translational and rotational offsets in all six degrees of freedom (x, y, z, a, b, c) in order to insert the automotive glasses which are Windshield, Side glasses, Backlite, Pan roof, etc. we have run in the real production over 20 years with variances automotive manufacturer such as Ford Valencia (Spain), Ford JMC (China), Honda (Canada), FIAT (Italy), etc. 

The Glazer robot guidance system provides high precision measurements for accurate robot positioning.

The Glazer system has been used in automotive manufacture to ensure reliable insertion of all types of vehicle glass such at windshields, sun-roofs etc.

Our Glazer system has been used by major automakers for over 20 years with very high reliability.

As we develop both software and hardware in-house so we can customize every system to optimize its performance for any given make, model or colour of car.

The Glazer robot guidance system seamlessly integrates with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics.  Glazer is also supported by the unique OVST Education Technology (EdTech) platform.  Anyone who follows the training provided will be able to set up and commission a Glazer system by themselves with no programming or machine vision expertise needed.


  • Three distinct measurement modes: Stereo, Laser and SRS
  • Able to detect position using a wide range of features such as body panel curvature, tooling holes etc.
  • Insensitive to surface finish or paint color.

Generic Application

  • Optical Character recognition for the reading of vehicle identification numbers.
  • Bead Tracking
  • Gap & Flush Inspection

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