Cognex In-Sight Smart camera

The In-Sight 5000 vision system is a high quality 2D smart camera that delivers high accuracy part location, measurement and inspection.  It is fully configurable without requiring programming, and is a self-contained unit which can reduce the amount of equipment needed on the production line.

The In-Sight 5000 series includes more than 15 different models of cameras.  This allows the user to select the most suitable camera for their project and budget.

With the Cognex In-Sight camera and OVST support a complete machine-vision solution can be delivered that includes a collaborative robot from Universal Robots.  This provides a platform that allows the development of more complex tasks such as 2D pick-and-place applications, where the user can monitor and control the process via a user-friendly interface running on the Universal Robot teach pendant.


  • High resolution up to 5 MP
  • 2D Area scan camera
  • Self-contained unit that does not need a host PC
  • Fully configurable with no programming required
  • Can be integrated with Universal Robot

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