Sealant bead inspection

OVST have developed a sealant bead measurement system using GigE 3D laser-displacement sensors. When the sensor projects a laser line across the adhesive, this line is displaced by the profile of the bead. By moving the sealant bead through the laser line, a 3D profile of the adhesive bead can be formed from which information regarding the width and height can be deduced.


  • Red and Blue lasers: robust detection on any adhesive.
  • Application specific algorithms: suited to black and glossy surfaces such as tinted glass.
  • Easy to setup and operate: no expert knowledge required.
  • Compact and lightweight: suitable for any robot.


  • Inspect the bead path after applying the PU glue.
  • Inspect the width, height and shape of the bead in real world values (mm).
  • Inspect the quality of the bead surface to ensure that it is not missing or overlapped.