Glazer – Robot guidance system

OVST has been at the forefront of robot guidance systems for automated glazing operations since their emergence almost 20 years ago. The OVST Glazer system is able to measure and account for variations in the position of the car body on the production line prior to glass insertion, preventing sub-standard results or even damage to expensive inventory. 

Our innovative sensors are able to take measurements on the car body, independent of body colour and finish, where translational and rotational offsets in all six degrees of freedom (x, y, z, a, b, c) of the robot can then be produced; applying this offset to the robot’s nominal insertion position enables the glass to be consistently inserted with precision in the tens of microns and cycle times in the tens of seconds.


  • Three distinct measurement modes: Stereo, Laser and SRS 
  • Suitable for a wide range of detection features: radii produced from pressing operations, tooling holes, profiled panels.
  • Insensitive to part finish

At the heart of our robot guidance system is our robust Glazer software package. Flexible enough to enable any automotive glazing job to be performed using a variety of hardware and technologies, yet simple enough to be maintained and reconfigured in-house as well as totally configurable to restrict access levels as required.