Glazer - 2D & 3D Vision integrated with Universal Robot Guidance System

Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology (OVST) has been a pioneer in the field of robot guidance systems for automated glazing operations for nearly two decades. With our state-of-the-art OVST Glazer system, we have consistently delivered exceptional results by accurately measuring and compensating for variations in car body positions on the production line before glass insertion. This ensures high-quality outcomes and safeguards against damage to valuable inventory.

OVST Glazer, a recipient of the prestigious Ford Technical Achievement Award, has solidified its reputation as a leading technology in the automotive industry. Renowned automobile manufacturers, including Ford, Aston Martin, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat, IVECO, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari, have successfully implemented OVST Glazer in their operations.

To ensure seamless integration and maximize performance, we have collaborated with industry-leading industrial robots’ manufacturers such as KUKA, FANUC, and ABB. This collaboration has allowed us to combine our cutting-edge 2D and 3D Robot Guidance systems with their advanced robotic platforms. The result is a state-of-the-art solution that delivers precise and efficient robot guidance in various manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, our partnership with Universal Robots has expanded the reach of our Glazer technology, enabling us to offer a diverse range of 2D and 3D Robot Guidance systems to industries beyond automotive. Universal Robots, renowned for their collaborative robots, brings a new dimension to our capabilities and allows us to provide integrated solutions to a wider range of applications.

A key aspect of our innovative approach lies in the seamless integration of our advanced 3D sensors with simulated machine-vision software and Universal Robot Simulator (URSim). This unique capability allows users to develop 3D Vision and Universal Robot Guidance applications using a simulated version of our 3D sensor and URSim. These applications can then be easily transferred to a production line system that utilizes a real sensor and Universal Robot. This integration offers our customers an end-to-end turn-key machine vision solution through our Glazer Robot Guidance System, simulations, smart 3D sensor, and Universal Robot.

At OVST, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and integrated solutions to meet the unique requirements of the automotive industry. Our expertise in robot guidance systems, combined with our advanced sensors, simulated machine-vision software, and Universal Robot integration, positions us as a trusted partner for turn-key machine vision solutions in the field of 2D & 3D robot guidance operations.