Max Sensor

The MaxSensor is our flagship product for position measuring using 3D images. It includes innovative technologies that allow it to operate over a wide range of environments by switching between different measurement modes

Measurement Modes

  • SRS mode - Use on reflective surfaces, unaffected by surface colour
  • Stereo mode - Use for feature detection, such as holes

The MaxSensor is currently the smallest industrial 3D sensor, comparable in size to a smart phone.  Despite its small size the sensor can deliver the same image quality as it larger competitors.  The sensor’s compact design makes it easy to install on any make of robot for machine vision guidance applications.

To date, the MaxSensor, in conjunction with our Glazer system, has been used to insert the glass on more than a million cars with a reject rate of less than 0.004%.


  • Innovative Technologies
  • Operating Reliably Worldwide
  • Trusted by High-End Customers
  • High Accuracy
  • Dimensions: width = 180mm height = 46mm
  • Weight < 600 g

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