McTracker – Laser Seam Tracking

McTracker is an ideal laser weld tracking system for automated welding applications.  McTracker guides and directs the position of the welding torch to the correct location using simple point-to-point programming where variances in the position and dimensions of the welding seam are accounted for in real-time. This enables McTracker to guide the welding robot so as to measure and inspect weld joints accurately.  The software also supports the Universal Robot® programming platform so it can be integrated with any industrial robot welding installation flawlessly.

McTracker comes with two modes of state-of-the-art laser displacement sensors.

McTracker can be equipped with two of state-of-the-art laser displacement sensors.

  • Red Laser: Suitable for measuring moving object with higher intensity laser stripe
  • Blue Laser: Suitable for reflective and shiny surfaces such as metals

By utilizing the appropriate laser sensor, McTracker can be used in wide range of welding environments. With robust, efficient, and attached directly to the welding torch, our laser tracking sensors and software are compatible with various type of welding joints (Butt joints, Lap joints, Corner joint, etc.) and welding processes (MIG, TIG, Spot etc.).

Our laser tracking sensors can be attached directly to the welding torch to provide robust and efficient measurement of any type of welding joint and for all welding processes.

McTracker is IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) compatible. During the tracking process, information such as production volumes by welding job and tolerance testing can be automatically transferred to the Cloud for offline analysis, thus allowing for greater control over the manufacturing processes.

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