OVST machine vision applications can be used in conjunction an online education platform which we are developing.  This platform will support our users with online training with interactive tutorials.

Our machine vision products support a simulation mode in which they can run with simulated hardware such as cameras and robots.  This allows our customers to test the complete installation in a virtualized environment before transferring it straight to the production line. Thus making OVST the one-stop shop for a total machine vision solution.

Glazer Robot Guidance System

Glazer is a robot guidance system for automated glazing operations using 3D MaxSensor. Our 3D MaxSensor is the smallest and lightest 3D sensor for the Glazing system. This sensor incorporates technological features for which the company has won four UK Government awards for excellence in design and innovation along with a Henry Ford Technical Achievement award.

McVision Inspection System

McVision can inspect parts for defects using multiple 2D & 3D cameras. Its graphical interface allows users to easily customize the image inspection algorithms to suite their specific needs.

McTracker - Laser Seam Tracking

OVST’s McTracker application is an innovative weld seam tracking and glue bead inspection system. McTracker’s intuitive interface makes it easy to install and configure, with no programming required.


This course covers how to program a Universal Robots collaborative robot. It shows how to write script files that the robot will follow to perform any task. Example scripts are included that students can study and adapt for their own projects.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This course covers how to apply the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to real applications. It shows how OVST applications use IIoT to upload data to the Witly Cloud Platform. In the Cloud the data is analysed improve the manufacturing process.

McVision Mobile

McVision Mobile allows students to use industrial vision applications but without needing any special camera equipment. Instead they can simply use a Smartphone.

It provides a low-cost teaching aid for studying robotics and machine vision.