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Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology (OVST) is an industry leader in the design and supply of machine vision systems. Machine vision systems for robot guidance, inspection and process control. From single ‘Smart’ camera systems for inspection, to multiple camera 3D robot guidance, we give you the solution that is right for you.

Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology Unveils Smallest 3D Vision Sensor

Oxford Vision and Sensor Technology (OVST), an industry leader in the design and supply of machine vision systems, today announced the release of their smallest ever 3D vision sensor.  The new MaxVision sensor is designed to be the smallest available on the market with a footprint similar to that of a smart phone.

The MaxVision sensor has two modes of operation that allow it to be used across a wide range of applications:

  1. Stereo vision.  When in this mode, the sensor uses its binocular vision to find the inspection target’s position in 3D space.
  2. Specular Reflectance Sensing.  In this mode, the sensor measures the position of the target using only reflected light.  This mode is insensitive to surface colour which makes it ideal for inspecting painted objects.

The MaxVision sensor provides its own illumination source using ultra-bright LEDs.  Both white and red LEDs are used depending on the sensor mode in order to create the optimum lighting conditions.

All communication is done via a single GigE connection.  The high-bandwidth communication ensures a fast image sample rate from the sensor.

The MaxVision sensor is housed in a rugged anodised aluminium case to protect the sensor from accidental damage.

All of this functionality comes in a package that weighs less than 600 grams, and is only 180mm wide and 46mm tall.  Its light weight makes this sensor easy to install on almost any robot, and can be used for virtually any machine vision guided robot application.

Glazer Automotive Glazing Application

Oxford Vision’s flagship product is its Glazer application.  This application provides precise position measurements for the decking of automotive windows.  Glazer has been installed in many automotive plants worldwide i.e. Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Honda, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati and several others.

The new MaxVision sensor integrates seamlessly with Glazer and provides a drop-in replacement for the company’s existing ethernet sensors.

About Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology Ltd.

Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology (OVST) are a leading designer and manufacturer of machine vision products.  Their Glazer system is used in automotive manufacturing around the world.  The company’s products also include bead tracking and character recognition, again focused mainly on the automotive sector.  The company is now expanding into new sectors including laser guided welding applications.

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