Incorporating machine vision into automotive applications can improve almost all your production processes. Whether it's something as complex as our multi-sensor robot guidance systems, saving you thousands in bespoke fixtures and tooling and delivering cycle times in the tens of seconds, or a compact lineside inspection and barcoding system, our machine vision systems are proven to deliver repeatability and traceability alongside cost savings in a wide variety of automotive applications.

Other Applications

OVST vision systems can help to smarten up your manufacturing processes and bring them into the 21st century. Whether you are operating in the food industry, manufacturing components for a large OEM or looking to tighten up your logistics operations, introducing machine vision is a guaranteed way by which you can improve quality, improve your bottom line and ultimately increase your profits.


How our system can help your production

Reduce costs – thanks to greater process automation.


Improve process control – by verifying size, colour and shape; detecting sequencing errors; ensuring correctness of build; and improving quality throughout the production and assembly process.


We work closely with car manufacturers and system integrators, adopting a flexible approach and cooperating to solve problems. What’s more, wherever possible we’ll use common hardware and software so you can minimise your spares inventory and simplify training.


To find out how our automotive applications can fit your individual process requirements, please contact us today.