OVST EdTech platform combines conventional training materials with a simulation environment in which students can design their own machine vision, robotics and IIoT applications. Students can use any smartphone to supply their own images for the simulated vision system, so that no real hardware is required.

OVST EdTech platform can be used to simulate a complete glazing cell, comprising the vision system, robot and all communications interfaces. 

The video below demonstrates how the EdTech platform makes it easy to mix-and-match real and simulated hardware.  For example, the simulated robot can be seamlessly replaced by a real robot, or the real vision sensor can be exchanged for its virtual counterpart.  Another highlight of the OVST EdTech platform is its ability to work with Cloud services via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Data collected during EdTech training sessions can be automatically uploaded to the Witly Cloud Computing Platform for offline analysis.

Students who learn through our EdTech courses will gain valuable practical experience that will equip them with the skills that industry is looking for.

Please visit OVST EdTech platform at https://edtech.oxfordvst.com/

By integrating 3D Machine Vision with Robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things, the EdTech platform offers students a unique learning opportunity that gets as close to working on the actual production line as possible without requiring any real hardware.  This allows students from anywhere in the world to use our EdTech platform either on their own or in collaboration with others online. 


Our 3D MaxSensor is the smallest and lightest 3D sensor on the industry for automotive glazing. The sensor incorporates technological features for which the company has won four UK Government awards for excellence in design and innovation

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